BASIC design project covers all the necessary working documentation, except for 3D-visualisations.

What’s included in the BASIC package?

STAGE І — Object analysis

  • Object measuring
  • Photofixation
  • Preparation of the technical specifications in which we consider your equipment, furniture, and style preferences
  • Development of the planning solution (replanning) and functional zoning (arrangement of furniture and equipment) according to the technical specifications

STAGE ІІ — Working drawings (Technical documentation)
Development of basic working drawings:

  • Measured planning of the space
  • Plan of the demolition of the partitions
  • Measured planning of the space after the partitions layout change 
  • Screed dismantling/installation plan
  • Spatial organization of the interior
  • Plumbing fixture plan
  • Scheme of the heating system
  • Layout of sockets and switches 
  • Lighting groups switching plan
  • Lighting arrangement plan
  • Ceiling plan
  • Floor plan
  • Door opening system
  • Stages of construction works

The cost of each project depends on its content, complexity, and scope of work. It may vary depending on the individual peculiarities of your project. The cost of your design project is formed after we visit your construction site and analyze all your needs and preferences. Based on this information, we develop the content of your individual design project documentation package and commercial offer. Construction site visit and introductory consultation are free of charge.

Here’s an example of a working project: